About this Event:

What day can I start registering for this event?  The registration is now open. Select one of the available 15-minute time slots above and be sure to fill out ALL of the required information. 

When is the next collection date?  The next collection event will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Is there a place for me to bring electronic items year-round for recycling?  Yes, there are several free year-round local recycling options (with the exception of most TVs).

Who can participate in the Spring 2019 event?
At this time, Champaign County plus 18 cities and villages within the county have agreed to participate in helping to support this Residential Electronics Collection event; therefore, if you are a resident of one of the following communities in Champaign County, then you are eligible to register to participate in this event:  Bondville, Broadlands, Champaign, Fisher, Gifford, Homer, Ivesdale, Longview, Ludlow, Mahomet, Ogden, Rantoul, Royal, Sadorus, Savoy, Sidney, St. Joseph, Thomasboro, Tolono, Urbana, and Unincorporated Champaign County.

Who should not register for the Spring 2019 event? Residents living in Foosland, Pesotum, and Philo are not eligible to register to participate.  Also, residents who live in a county other than Champaign County are not eligible to register to participate.


How will I know if I successfully registered for this event?
Immediately after you register for an event, you will receive a confirmation email and/or text.  If you do not receive a confirmation email and/or text, then you might not have registered completely.  Please make sure that you submitted all of the required information and checked all of the required boxes, in order to secure your spot.  (Please note: if you did not provide an email address, or you only provided a landline phone number, then you will not receive a confirmation email and/or text.)

What happens after I register?
You will receive a postcard in the mail approximately 5-7 days before the event.  The postcard will serve as your 'ticket' into the event.  If you do not receive your postcard before the event, it is okay to show us your confirmation email/text instead.

Is there a limit to how many items I can bring?  Yes, there is a FOUR television limit per person/postcard and a SEVEN item total limit.  ALL TYPES, MODELS, AND SIZES OF TVs, INCLUDING CRT TUBE TVs, ARE ACCEPTED!  (And no, a computer monitor is NOT considered a TV.)

What items will be accepted?
These items ONLY please: TVs, computers, computer monitors, printers, electronic keyboards, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players/recorders, portable digital music players, video game consoles, electronic mice, scanners, digital converter boxes, cable receivers, satellite receivers, small scale servers sold at retail, accessory computer/monitor speakers, ink & toner cartridges, loose wires (e.g., extension cords, surge protectors, cables), microwaves, holiday string lights, all phones & phone accessories, digital cameras/mini cams, digital projectors, credit card readers, telecom equipment, uninterrupted power supplies (e.g., battery backups, chargers), rechargeable batteries, networking equipment (e.g., switches, routers, hubs, modems), external drives, & circuit boards.  (Small items can be bundled or put into a small box & counted as only 1 item.)  We will also accept paper shredders (with all paper removed), sound bars, and subwoofer speakers.

What items will NOT be accepted?
We will not be accepting stereo speakers (wooden, metal, or plastic), liquid-containing items, freon-containing items (e.g., AC units, dehumidifiers), white goods (e.g., freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers), small appliances (e.g., blenders, coffee makers, toasters), lamps, vacuum cleaners, fans, cash registers, thermostats & thermometers, light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or tubes, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, loose alkaline batteries.  (For information about where to recycle or dispose of these items, please visit the links that are towards the bottom of this page.)

Where do these events take place?
Parkland College, 2400 W. Bradley Ave, Champaign (but Parkland is ONLY the host site, so please do not call them with any questions).  On the morning of the event, please use the DUNCAN ROAD ENTRANCE into Parkland and then follow the signs.  (A map will be provided on your postcard.)

Can we carpool?
Yes, carpooling is allowed and encouraged, i.e., you can use multiple postcards for one vehicle.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?
Yes, so long as they have your postcard (or a copy of your confirmation email), then someone else can drop off your items for you.

Will assistance be provided removing items from my vehicle?
Yes, there will be volunteers to help unload your items, so please do not have anything surrounding your electronics that you do not want taken out of your vehicle by mistake!

How long does the drop-off process take?
Maybe you've experienced long lines at previous events, but with this registration system, the drop-off wait times have drastically reduced.  Now, it typically takes no longer than 5 to 15 minutes, at the most.

Do I need to arrive early (before my scheduled appointment time)?
NO, we ask that you please do not arrive early.  In order to keep things running smoothly, we ask that you arrive DURING your scheduled 15-minute time slot.

What happens if it rains?
The events go ahead rain or shine, that includes thunder and lightning.  Please keep in mind that rain will slow things down, but the wait should still be minimal.  The weather would have to get very severe before we cancel.

What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment?
There is a cancellation link in your confirmation email.  Or you can call one of the numbers below or email recycling@champaignil.gov.

Were you unable to find an answer to your question?  You can email recycling@champaignil.gov or call 217-403-4780 or 217-384-2302.

Where can I find other useful information about recycling?

Contact us

HOSTED BY: City of Champaign: 217-403-4780; City of Urbana: 217-384-2302; Champaign County: 217-819-4127
EMAIL: recycling@champaignil.gov